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Sales Agent FAQ

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  • Is this a commission only role?
    Yes this is a commission-only based role, you are not employed by the company, but rather we provide you with commission for all sales you bring. You are self employed, and work hours that suit your schedule, this includes weekends if you wish to. Our online sales agent platform tracks all sales, even those online you have referred, and commission is paid into your online account, ready to withdraw as you wish.
    Is there a limited area where I can sell to?
    There is no limitation on where you can sell currently, we give you the tools to sell Online, over the phone, and in person to both consumers and businesses. We see that in person visits work particularly well, as it is much easier to build rapport with customers this way. You can visit different towns local to you, call on businesses, and sell to anyone you know.
    What types of businesses do I approach?
    We have seen many types of business purchase sanitiser over the last few months due to the pandemic, all businesses are now required to purchase sanitiser. We do see however better opportunities with consumer, service or retail facing businesses, where they have lots of visitors or customers. Places with high footfall particularly generate a good demand for the usage of hand sanitiser.
    Do I have sales targets?
    We do not provide any sales targets, but we do provide incentive to increase your sales. We have 4 commission tiers which gradually increase the amount of commission per sale, the higher the total sales you generate each month.
    Do you provide training?
    We have an online agent system which provides further information on clarity on how to sell our products, and gives clarity on frequently asked questions by customers. Within this portal we provide training videos on how to use the portal, as well as information on how best to introduce yourself to businesses when cold calling either in person or on the phone.